You are making a Difference!

Semmy and Rachel Hela are first year students from Hosana Baptist Church in the Asaro Valley outside of Goroka.    Pastor Abol and Serah  Yauna, former GBBC graduates, have led this couple to the LORD,  baptized them, and has the privilage of disciple them over the last few years.  In 2015  Semmy surrendered his life to become a Pastor.    January 2016 they started their Pastoral education at Goroka Baptist Bible College.    

One year  at GBBC cost  PGK3000 (USD1000).  Even by some standards this a low cost for  a year of Bible College, however this is a huge financial undertaking for this couple.  They work an average of 15- 18 hours a week on campus (tending coffee plants and other actives on the GBBC campus) to be part of the Pastoral Scholarship program.    This cuts their school fees by 1/3.   People that buy and drink the coffee help students like Semmy and Rachel  study for the ministry God has called them into.   Thank you for supporting this ministry by purchasing this coffee. Please encourage others to enjoy the coffee and help couples like Semmy and Rachel prepare to reach Papua New Guinea with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-To God be the Glory!